Strange Times | A scifi short story

If you do a lot of different things at work or school, you’ll know what it feels like when someone asks you to explain. In my case, the question “what do you write about?” is tricky. Yes, I do write a scifi short story here and there, but I’ve explored other genres, too. This makes my writing a hodgepodge of literary fiction, magic realism, sci-fi, dystopian, and anything else that goes through my mind at that time.

Fun? Yes.

Hard to explain to potential agents, publishers, readers, and relatives? Also yes.

Without further ado, here’s today’s short story.

Strange Times | A scifi short story

“These are strange times,” Emilia sighed, looking out the open window. The break room was empty except for her and her coworker, Jenny from marketing. Or accounting. Definitely one of the two.

She never thought an alien invasion would be like this. The small, shapeless creatures fell like blood-stained leaves on the ground, unbothered by the alarms that called pedestrians to look for cover. The iron in the air made her queasy.

Nothing surprised her anymore, though. With every passing year, the steel in her heart made her blood colder, her thoughts steadier, and her mind more accepting of whatever the end of days threw her way. She even slept well at night now, with her curtains shut tight and earplugs on to keep away the shouting and the occasional gunshots in the street. Maybe it’d all end now that something else was taking over the city.

Softly, one of the small, meaty blobs landed on the window sill, another on her sleeve, another on her neck. She felt pinpricks move up from her neck to her cheek as the pink blob crawled to the top of her head.

“These are strange times, indeed,” Jenny replied, as one of the little blobs left a bloody mark on her face.

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