Split | A Short Story

short stories in English
Credit: Brian Geltner

It was a Sunday morning, and the summer heat gradually brought her back from her sleep. She squinted at the midday light, but the room was too warm for her to put the bedsheet over her head and go back to sleep.

Still haunted by her dreams, she got up and walked inside her bathroom looking for the t-shirt she took off the night before sometime between dropping her purse in the living room and passing out on her bed. Her memories of the previous night were lost behind a fog. The headache made the room spin and her stomach churn, and the face in the mirror rolled its eyes at her, disappointed.

She looked at it and recognised the large green eyes, the dry, pale skin and the messy hair as her own.

“Ugh, you need to stop being this stupid,” she whispered to herself.

“You’re not stupid.” The face in the mirror replied, shaking its head. Its voice sounded different than hers — deep and assertive. “You just need to stop drinking so much and get better friends.”

She smiled despite the nausea but decided against bending over to pick up the t-shirt on the bathroom floor. “Thanks. You always cheer me up.”

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