Hi! And welcome to my flash fiction blog, Notes from the metro.

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Yes, I like to take photos, too.

In this blog, you’ll find short stories, writing tips and resources for writers, and the occasional random thought.

I’m Cecilia, a Salvadoran short story writer based in Dubai (for now). Until recently, I was a marketing person/content writer by day, fiction writer by night. But no matter how hard I tried, freelance writing never felt as fulfilling as writing for myself. So, like many others have done immediately after the pandemic, I decided to take the plunge to work on my own project.

My stories explore loneliness, identity, and belonging using different genres — from magic realism to speculative fiction.


So, why becoming a short story writer?

Short stories have always been my thing, but writing super short ones bring me a special kind of joy. You have to be focused, concise, and find the right way to surprise and move readers with only a few hundred words. It’s a fun challenge!

Yes, I have thought about writing novels before, and I have a lot of thoughts about that.

Why Notes from the metro?

Long commutes on the metro have been the perfect moments for me to come up with story ideas. Many of the short stories I’ve posted here were born during one of those commutes.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to reach out by filling in the contact form here, or subscribe to my newsletter here.

You can also find me on Instagram and Mastodon.