Lost in the promised land | A poem

love poemIn my dreams, we stand together
near the ocean.
Waves crash madly on the cliff
And rage against the silence between us.
Are you going to jump?
Or are you just remembering?
There was a time when the ocean
Cradled you,
While the dying sun
Touched your skin with honey.
If I turn around for a second
To see the sunset, like you want me to,
Will you disappear?
I lost you in the promised land,
Somewhere near the beach
Where we took our love potion
All those years ago.
And the man who came in your place
With the hollow smile
The darkened eyes
Looks at me with suspicion
Not quite knowing what to do with my love
Angry and scared and tired
And very much a stranger.



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Photo by Cecilia Lovos (2022).

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