How To Deal With Heartbreak

I’ve decided to post these short thoughts every day. They’re, well, short and random and totally not SEO-friendly, but blogs are for writing, so I’m going to do just that.

How do you deal with heartbreak?

dealing with heartbreak

The movies would have us believe that love conquers all. Sometimes it can. Others, it hits a wall so high not even the grandest of gestures can tear it down. All we can do is sit by the wall and have a little picnic under its shadow.

At times, heartbreak will feel like an open wound, bleeding and unbearable. You’ll want to crawl into bed and disappear under the sheets, praying for death, vengeance, or pity.

Others, you’ll wake up in the aftermath with the clarity of righteousness, or resignation, and will throw yourself into tasks big and small to trick yourself into thinking you no longer feel anything.

And then, at times, you’ll sit down with a friend, or a blank page, and pour out the unspeakable details over coffee or wine spiked with tears.

All are correct. All are normal. All keep you going.


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