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  • Flash fiction compilation #1: Spooky melancholy

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  • The Box | A Short Story

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  • The Rapture | Suspense short story

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Five questions to ask yourself when you don’t know what to write about

Often, writing is an exercise of endurance. What do I even write about? Why are all my stories and poems about the same topics, different versions of the same idea? Every time…
dealing with heartbreak

How To Deal With Heartbreak

I’ve decided to post these short thoughts every day. They’re, well, short and random and totally not SEO-friendly, but blogs are for writing, so I’m going to do just that. How do…
build a reading habit

5 Mindset Shifts to Build a Successful Reading Habit

Every new year, you set up your Goodreads goal with grand plans to build a successful reading habit. And if you’re like me, every year, you fall short. If you feel like…
short stories about friendship

Cool Kid | Flash Fiction

The characters in her book didn't laugh at her. They took her on adventures much more fun than the drudgery of classes and homework and gossip and keeping her head low. She…
vignette literature

5 Vignette Examples That Will Leave You Wanting More

She liked mornings too much for someone living in obscurity. Maybe the sun caressed her skin more tenderly than any lover ever did. Maybe the birds didn't hide knives under their tongues.…
what is speculative fiction

Journey into the Unknown: What Is Speculative Fiction?

Explore the evolution of speculative fiction -- from its early roots in science fiction to its current status as a broader category that includes not only literature but also film, television, and video games.…
best short story books

10 best short stories you need to read right now

Short stories have a unique ability to capture the essence of a moment or an idea in just a few pages. In only a few thousand words or less, they can convey…

Flash fiction compilation #1: Spooky melancholy

In this post, I’m thrilled to share with you a flash fiction compilation with 5 of my latest works. Each story offers a glimpse into different worlds, from a town shrouded in…

The Box | A Short Story

What kind of man would he grow up to be? Would he have the adventures he dreamt of? He longed for an ocean he had never seen, for the worlds he had…
suspense short story

The Rapture | Suspense short story

Without a word, Albert sprinted toward the lake and back to the campsite. His boots made it difficult to run on the muddy ground, but the pounding in his chest and the…
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